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CFL vs. NFL - Football league

There is little difference these days when you compare the difference to these two football organizations. The Canadian Football League and the National Football League are oddly apart from each other. While their history does hint that a possible return to shared interests in gaming together again, it was tested in a short stint back in 1993 for roughly 2 years. It wasn't until financial problems crippled the CFL and it was no surprise that the NFL had a brilliant solution. They offered a 3 million dollar (interest free) loan to help the (then) struggling Canadian league. This loan had some strings attached which actually gave the Canadian teams a shot at the NFL hook-up. Allowing the NFL to choose from players within a two month window option wasn't such a risk.


nfl vs cfl - football leagues

This option was later signed into the CFL collective bargaining for all their players. When the agreement expired in2006, new talks were underway and were looking pretty good until a Canadian communication company sponsored 78 million USD for 8 Buffalo Bills games in Toronto. At that point, negotiations were cut-off completely. Not only did this experiment fail in the Canadian market, out of the 8 games scheduled, only 7 games were actually played- with a final game that was set to be played in 2015. Upon the death of Buffalo Bills' Owner Ralph Wilson, the deal was ended between the two parties.

Aside from the CFL-NFL agreement, scheduled games were often inconsistent with performance by the American teams. When the ‘Southern Division' ended in 1995, the continued CFL-NFL agreement would stand up until 2006. For the Canadians it was still a win-win situation. And though the differences between the two styles of football have been a crutch for conflicts between these two organizations, current debate grows over the NFL scouts who easily recruit CFL players. Besides this, as the CFL gains growth and interest in the global market,their unique brand of grid-iron football is quickly getting more attention.

In October, the Courtside Times staff gazed into its crystal ball (or spreadsheet) and answered some questions regarding the NBA season. Now that the All-Star Break is upon us, it seemed a nice time to revisit the Western Conference topics originally covered here. More on this:

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With all the hoopla surrounding the introduction (and now subsequent removal) of the new ball in the NBA or CFL this year, I decided to investigate what kind of effect, if any, it had on the playersâ?? ability to play the game.